Friday, December 23, 2016

It becomes difficult at times to feel so much. Especially when the people you surround yourself with have called you selfish for years. You know you're not selfish. You know that you live your life for others and can feel the emotions of those around you like they were your own. This is what it feels like to be an empath surrounded by narcissists.

Why do I surround myself with these people who are only capable of loving themselves? Because I enjoy loneliness. I like to pick and choose when I spend time with people and not feel obligated. I spent a lot of my life being needed and it gets daunting after a while. I think I was aware of this subconsciously and may have even needed it at the time. I do not need it any more. I have people in my life that do need me but most only want my attention periodically and I'm okay with that. It has given me opportunity to truly find myself and know who I really am. I am so much stronger now than I ever was before and see the world in a much different light than your average person.

 You have to look at the big picture while also focusing on all of the little parts. How is what you are doing right now going to affect tomorrow? You want to think it's not important right? Well it is. It is so very important. You're actions today can and will affect you every day for the rest of your life and you have to know this. Now that doesn't mean you have to stop and think about every little thing you do but you do have to be aware that there are consequences to every decision, whether good or bad. You may not even notice how that decision affected you until years later but I assure you, it did affect you in some way.